Accommodation in Frostviken

Here’s a list of accommodation in Frostviken.

If you already found where to stay, find your guided tour here!

Lia Ranch

Alongside agriculture and Icelandic horse breeding, Lia Ranch offers wilderness camping and lodges. Additionally, you can rent boats and canoes here. This accommodation is the closest for participants in Korallgrottan and Bjurälven tours.

Blåsjöns Fjällcamp

Blåsjön’s Fjällcamp (Eng. “Mountain Camp”) is located in Stora Blåsjön and has a beautiful view on the lake. Near the camp are the grocery store ICA and the restaurant “Ptarmigan”. Here you have the possibility to rent cottages, boats and bicycles. Additionally, you can go shopping for hunting and fishing equipment in the camp’s small shop.

Blåsjöns Fjällby

Blåsjön’s Fjällby (Eng. ”Mountain Village”) offers 12 cabins on the mountain side. It is located directly next to the ski centre and the restaurant “Fjällripan”. It is also close to the local grocery store ICA.

Camp Stora Blåsjön 

Camp “Stora Blåsjön” has cabins and a camping ground for renting. It lies next to the grocery store ICA and close to the restaurant “Fjällripan”.

Rid i Jorm

Travel back in time in Jormvattnet with Korpens Öga (Eng. “The Raven’s Eye”) and Rid i Jorm (Eng. “Ride in Jorm”). Here you will find a Viking-inspired guest house with hotel standard as well as a hotel and a restaurant. Enjoy the good food and service within a fantastic atmosphere or book a guided riding tour in the mountains on Icelandic horses.

Jormvattnets Fiskecamp

Jormvattnet’s Fiskecamp (Eng. “Fishing camp”) is located right next to the lake. In Jormvattnets Fiskecamp you can rent cottages, boats and campsites.

Jormliens Fjällgård 

Jormliens Fjällgård (Eng. “Mountain farm”) is a beautifully situated guest house with a familiar atmosphere and a restaurant.

STF Vandrarhem Björkvattnet

The hostel in Björkvattnet are part of the Swedish Tourist Association (STF). They offer single, double/twin and family rooms.

Gäddede Camping

Gäddede Camping has cabins and camping ground. It lies in the centre of the community with access to a pool.


The Pilgrim Hotel is a hotel in Gäddede with a beautiful view over the lake. They have single, double/twin, family rooms, cottages and apartments. They also serve food and offer some hiking tours.

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