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northern Jämtland

“Truly a day to remember! The hike up to the cave was beautiful […] very interesting.”

“The cave is exhilarating, the walk-in is gorgeous, the information is engaging, and the food is delicious. I highly recommend this experience to all who might be passing through the area.”

“The cave tour is awesome! I really would like to recommend this company. They deliver great adventures!”

“An exciting adventure in the cave that I warmly recommend. August is a fantastic guide. And the food afterwards was delicious!”

“Me and my girlfriend had a great time! The guided tour was interesting and the guide was well informed”

“The guides made the experience very interesting, the local food were delicious and the cave were amazing.”

“Very professional guides that are more than happy to tell about the local flora and fauna – really interesting!”

“We had a great trip! […] the organisation was perfect and our guide was very good.”

“We are looking forward our next trip there again”

“The cave is a hidden gem of Jämtland. This was amazing experience and we really liked it”

“Me and my girlfriend had an awesome time inside Korallgrottan. The guides were awesome”

“A friendly, professional, and highly knowledgeable guide brought us on an excellent adventure under as well as above ground.”

“Fika with locally made cheeses […] amazing locally baked flat bread and tasty bear and moose sausages. Coffee boiled over the fire[…]”

“We definitely feel that he made sure that we got the most out of our visit to Bjurälven. If you are visiting Bjurälven we definitely recommend that you contact a guide!”

“Great guide with high knowledge and engagement […] Perfect for families with kids that can manage a couple-of-km-hike.”

“Definitely worth a visit for everyone who’s up for an adventure! […] Overall a great and unforgettable visit!”

“Highlight of the summer”, “Amazing lunch”, “I would highly recommend this trip to anyone (with) only the slightest interested in caves!”

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Explore the Swedish nature on one of our exclusive tours. On some of our tours we serve food, which is always produced locally and (if possible) with organic ingredients.

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We also have other tours that might be even more to your liking! Many tours can be combined, such as beaver watching and hiking in Bjurälven.

About Vilseledaren

Don’t go where the path leads you, instead go where no path exists, without leaving a trace behind.

We are showing you the way

Kattis Amundsson

Kattis Amundsson

Owner & Guide

Kattis is a biologist and outdoor guide. Having been raised in Frostviken she was always very close to nature, so moving back here after her studies was obvious. Luckily she found August with whom she now runs Vilseledaren and guides tours. Together they offer exciting experiences in unique and natural environments.

August Alvtegen

August Alvtegen

Owner & Guide

August is a biologist and an outdoor guide. After growing up in Nacka, near Stockholm, he felt the urge for northern latitudes. To his delight he met Kattis during biology studies in Umeå and accompanied her to Frostviken. His lifelong dream of working as an outdoor guide has finally come true!

We offer you

Unique nature experiences you will never forget

Vilseledaren is a guide company based in the beautiful wilderness of Frostvikens. We organize tours of various types with one common goal – to give you unique experiences in nature.

To be a Vilseledare (Lost leader or “Misleader”) is about daring to take a step off the beaten path and find your own way. We take you to places few people have ever visited, from underground adventures to high mountain peaks – always close to nature and without leaving a trace.

Korallgrottan, Bjurälven and other adventures

We organize guided tours in Korallgrottan (Eng. “Coral cave”) since the summer of 2013 and have been improving the experience ever since. Vilseledaren now offers a large variety of tours. You can choose between complete tour packages, or if you wish you can customise trips to fit your personal preferences. If you want to help with the planning of your own tours, have any suggestions or want to design your own adventures – please contact us so we can help.


Vilseledaren is a member of the Ecotourism Society and is currently aiming to achieve a certification by Nature’s Best. We are already working by their standards trying to make it possible for more people to experience our amazing nature whilst understanding its value and trying to preserve it.

Locally produced food

To give you a perfect nature experience, the quality of the food provided on our tours is very important to us. We mainly serve locally produced foods and aspire to only use organic products.

Frostvikens farmers and producers offer outstanding food which we are proud to serve during our tours. In case you have any allergies or any special wishes we are happy to serve food for your specific diet.

Best of Scandinavia

The love for nature doesn’t know borders – and neither do we. On our website, Nature Scandinavia, we gather the best outdoor adventures in both Sweden and Norway for you. There you will fun and exciting activities for summer and winter, such as abseiling, canoeing, skiing and much more! All tours offered on Nature Scandinavia include exploring nature in the most genuine way possible; with local guides and small groups away from touristic hotspots. Dare to get lost in nature with us and go canoeing on Sweden’s wide lakes or hunt in Norway’s mountains for the infamous Dærga troll!

About Frostviken

Frostviken lies within the mountains in the far north Jämtland.

A vast area with unspoiled nature. During all seasons the mountainous landscape invites to both adventure and relaxation in one of Sweden’s most spectacular wildernesses.

Korallgrottan, Bjurälven and Hällingsåfallet

Sweden’s longest cave, longest underwater cave and the longest water-filled canyon are all located in Frostviken, northern Jämtland. These unique attractions alone are reason enough to visit Frostviken. Take the opportunity to visit all three of them!

Gäddede Tourist Information

If you are coming on the southern road from Strömsund, take the opportunity to stop at the tourist information in Gäddede. There you have the change of learning everything there is to know about Frostviken and places you should visit during your stay. If you are coming from Stekenjokk, stop in Blåsjön to get all the information you need.


Want to know more about Frostviken? 

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